Play Responsibly


Know the line. Know when to stop. Stay in control. 

At Las Vegas Sands Corp. (LVSC), we share one job description: To give every guest an unforgettable experience. All operations of LVSC resorts, right down to our casino floors, are aimed at ensuring every guest has a great time. But our job is more than just providing entertainment.
We are committed to the personal well-being of our guests. That starts with the strict prohibition of underage gambling, alcohol and tobacco use in our facilities - and continues with the training of our Team Members to direct guests that ask for help to the appropriate resources on problem gambling.



  1. We created Play Responsibly, the industry's cutting-edge, most comprehensive training program on responsible gaming.
  2. We equip our Team Members with resource cards containing up-to-date information about responsible gaming support services, so they can assist guests at all times.
  3. We provide collateral materials and present signage regarding responsible gaming for our guests in each of our properties.
  4. We partner with local problem gambling resources and recovery organizations in every community in which we operate.

As a world leader in hospitality and gaming, we think it is vital to team with experts in our industry to promote awareness of problem gambling and to prohibit underage gambling, alcohol and tobacco use.
At LVSC, we want responsible adults to be able to enjoy the entertainment value of gaming, and we want to always offer support for our guests who need it. We think that is the very core of our duty to our community.